Last weekend, before I left for the most magical girls weekend ever, Matt took me out on a date to an amazing New York restaurant. I will be the first to admit, that I am certainly not ahead of the curve or turning a “hole in the wall restaurant” into something popular. Ever since I moved to NYC nearly 1.5 years ago, I have heard about S’Mac and how delicious their specialty macaroni and cheese creations are. But silly me, I never thought to go to this restaurant before for dinner.

People who know Matt and I, are familiar with our limited ability to pick out good restaurants. One of the first dates Matt took me on, after we moved to NYC, was to a restaurant called “Jekyll and Hyde, a Social Club for Explorers and Mad Scientists.” You would have thought that the name alone would have scared us away… but no, we practically skipped across the street and into the restaurant that had haunted decor and  staff in costume AND in character. To make this worse, we even waited over 30 minutes to be seated. What we were thinking, I am not sure. Needless to say, the food was terrible, the service was slow and we were certainly creeped out by the entire experience. Honestly, the best part of the nigh was when I went to the bathroom, and discovered that they were in hidden doors behind bookcaseed walls. Cool, unless you really have to go to the bathroom and can’t figure out where the doors are hidden.

Thankfully, Matt and I have received a lot of restaurant recommendations from friends since that time. I think I owe the recommendation of S’Mac to my friend, Jessi, who knows a lot about food, as she is the owner of Cupcake Kids, a company that runs cooking classes for kids in New York City. She is certainly one of the best “foodies” I know.

Anyway, I am happy to report that S’Mac lived up to the great reputation that it has across the city. Matt and I ordered a salad and the Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. It was delivered to our table in a cast iron skillet and smelled amazing. It was the perfect blend of mac and cheese and buffalo wings… not a combination I would have made on my own. I love it when things live up to your expectations. So often in life, we get our hopes up for amazing experiences, like prom, only to be thoroughly disappointed. I am happy to report, this was not one of those times.

While I certainly plan on returning to S’Mac in the future, I have decided to attempt to re-create this wonderful concoction on my own within the next month or so. Keep your eye out for future postings!

In the meantime, live, love and eat S’Mac.


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